Meet Jasmine Guinness

Introducing our Brand Ambassador, Jasmine Guinness.

Introducing our Brand Ambassador, Jasmine Guinness. Jasmine has worked in the fashion industry, as both a designer and model, for over a decade and shares Lulu’s trademark of a red lip. We sat down with Jasmine to talk Lulu, style, bags and never complaining. Read the interview below.

How would you describe the brand/Lulu woman?
The ladies who love Lulu have their own style. It is a style with character and humor but always plus chic. The Lulu lady has a lot to do, so wants practical bags but due to her style she wants something more than your average bag! Lulu is certainly more than your average bag designer. To design everything with wit and warmth but also a classic style that always looks current is no mean feat.

How do you know Lulu, and how well do you know each other?
I have known Lulu since I was a child. She married my father’s cousin, Valentine, and has two brilliant daughters with him. I was one of their bridesmaids when they married and she really was the most extraordinarily beautiful bride. I was only about ten so the whole experience was a great eye opener. When I started modelling she was very supportive as of course she had also been a model. We have very similar styles and I'm sure she must have had some influence on the development of my style as I grew up. She was always one of the most glamorous Guinness' and very generous, always giving me bags to take out and about.

What is your favourite memory with Lulu?
Any one of our chats is a favourite memory. We could chat for hours! She has great knowledge about a great many things. I always walk away feeling like I have learnt a lot and wanting to learn more.

Describe your personal style.
I love jeans and trainers during the day but also love dressing up in the evening if I'm going out. I have noticed my style getting more lady like as I have hit forty. More Hitchcock and less sixties brights with tiny skirts!

What was your first ever Lulu Guinness bag?
I still have my first Lulu bag and I still love it every time I look at it. It is a basket with strawberries arranged on top with a leather basket style handle. It is brilliant and lives on a shelf so I can see it everyday.

What do you love about the Lulu Guinness brand?
What I love about anything Lulu designs is that it is always incredibly practical but brilliantly stylish and unusual. Little messages embroidered inside pockets, hidden things here and there and of course her wonderfully surreal eye. Nothing is ever as it seems. So much in fashion is so dull, nothing Lulu designs is ever dull!

What is your favorite bag this season?
I couldn't choose just one so I will choose two. I love the Olivia Wink clutch (I am crazy for lenticular/ moving pictures!) and the unbelievably beautiful Rose Lip Lady Olivia clutch from the collaboration with Kristjana S Williams. The print reminds me of Fornasetti, who is another of my favorite ceramics and furniture designers.

How did you get into the fashion industry?
I started modelling at eight years old but didn't start full time until I was 19 and had done a year of university. My first job was for Laura Ashley and I thought it was so easy that it was a no brainer for a career, just until you figure out what you really want to do. Of course, in reality it was much harder work but I still learnt a lot about designing, photography and travelling. It was a wonderful tertiary education!

Any advice for anyone who’s looking to get into the industry?
Go to university first, even for a foundation course in art or whatever you are drawn to, till you figure out which side you would like to work with. Also read lots of books! It is such an exciting business whether designing, styling, designing textiles, pattern cutting, photography, hair and make-up design. It is endless and endlessly creative. I think it is very important to have a creative outlet if you can. It makes us happier people.

What you love about the industry, and what you would change?
I love the creativity! Having an idea, sketching it out, getting it made and then wearing/using it. It is a great buzz! The fantasy you get to create when working with some photographers and their teams can be great fun, seeing the end product come out in a magazine is very satisfying. I think we could always do with more courses and bursaries to help young people get involved in fashion and design of all sorts. It is a huge business for the UK and new generations should be encouraged.

A quote or a motto you live by?
Never complain, never explain. My grandmother used to say it all the time, it is a Disraeli quote. In all fairness, she did live by it!

Current obsessions?
My long-time obsession has always been shoes. My first word was shoe and my new favorites are the red Clemence shoes from Lulu's new collection of shoes. They are comfortable and beautiful which is what I demand in all my shoes these days. I can no longer do towering spike heels!

What's new?
From bags to treasure forever to our playful trainers and accessories, there's always a new piece of Lulu to love.

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