The Web Of Glamour

Embrace the darker side of the night, with our Spider’s Web mini collection

Like a lot of Lulu bags, the Spiders Web collection comes with a back story. The original Spider’s Web bag was launched in 1998 as part of a limited edition of 200 pieces. “I loved this bag!” says Lulu, remembering it well. “I wanted to prove at the time that I had a slightly darker edge as well as all the pretty rose baskets and things. I particularly love the translucency of the fly’s wings and how the delicate thread that makes it look incredibly real. I also remember being thrilled when Bjork bought this bag from our New York store!”


Fast forward to now and we are excited to launch a new version of this bag as part of our ‘Inspired by the Archive’ series. As with the 1998 bag, a lot of thought and care has been given to this playful black satin style to be carried on the wrist.

“On the back, the fine platinum yarn that forms the spiders web extends into the handle and forms the Lulu Guinness logo”, says our Design Team. “The logo is written in a style that looks like it’s a part of the spider’s web. The bag also features a black metallic spider with a black pearl and a transparent winged fly that’s caught on the web.”





Focused on a darker twist on evening wear, also part of this sultry collection are the Spiders Web Envelope Clutch and Spiders Web Box Clutch. The Envelope Clutch shimmers with the power of so many diamante strewn over the bag – to mimic raindrops that catch on the web. The sparkles continue over the top of this style too so as not to cut short the dazzling effect.





The Spiders Web Box Clutch is the definition of classic with a twist. This Black Satin box style could be straight out of the fifties but then look closer and you’ll see the spooky Lulu detailing – again with the delicately spun platinum web and diamante raindrops. A solid silver Lip plaque adds a final glamorous touch and there’s the option to attach the lip charm crossbody chain. Feeling in the mood for glamour, yet?