Lulu Loves – Sarah Corbett-Winder

We catch up with the iconic fashion aficionado, stylist and designer

Sarah Corbett-Winder has always had an eye for style, ever since being a child and styling up outfits in front of the mirror. Since then she’s moved from fashion magazines to styling, and recently launching her own line of women’s suiting.
She’s also the muse, stylist and star of our SS24 Be Iconic campaign where the Lulu Lip takes centre stage. We caught up with Sarah to find out more about her life, work and passions.

Q: Tell us about yourself (Introduction e.g. Name, Occupation, About your brand etc)
A: Hello! I’m Sarah Corbett-Winder. I'm trained as an artist and have a serious passion/addiction for clothes. I love making women feel empowered through what they wear, which is why I work as a stylist. Recently, I launched the women’s suit label KIPPER, believing it adds instant power to a woman's wardrobe.

Q: Could you walk us through the ICONIC moments that led you to delve into the world of fashion?
A: When I was younger, I wasn’t playing with dolls; I was standing in front of the mirror, putting outfits and colours together. At that moment, I knew clothes were going to be a huge part of my life. I worked at Russian Vogue, where I experienced a lot of glamour, but it led me to want to work more with real-life people rather than unattainable models. I started styling and working at Boden, where I could add confidence and joy to many women through their wardrobes. Then, I branched out on my own and am now sharing my styling tips, having great fun with it. I'm being myself! KIPPER has been on my to-do list for about 10 years, and when the time felt right, I launched it (in October). It's been a fabulous journey so far! I feel like I’m doing what I was put on earth to do!

Q: Tell us what you love about Lulu Guinness
A: I love the heritage and quirkiness of Lulu Guinness. You know a Lulu Guinness when you see one! I can really connect with the playfulness and freedom. It never fails to make me smile!

Q: Among the array of designs in the new Be Iconic campaign, which one has to be your favourite, and why?
A: It has to be the red lips - I mean, you don’t get more iconic than that, right? I love the simplicity, the fact that they are so oversized! And they really are the perfect red. Obviously great when you’re dressed up, but also fabulous worn on a Monday morning with jeans in the supermarket—now that’s instant empowerment!

Q: Lulu is known for the iconic lip, what is your iconic signature?
A: Big statement glasses and a red lip!

Q: Lulu Guinness has gained iconic status for transforming various objects into distinctive handbags. If given the chance, what object would you envision transforming into a unique bag design?
A: Wow! What a fabulous question! It would have to be my KIPPER red fish, with some pearl lips and in a red and white short striped strap. You’ve given me an idea, thank you! I can see her now; she really would be amazing!

Q: Best advice you’ve been given
A: Be yourself, no one else can be, as there is no one else like you! Never EVER forget that. I have this written in big on my desk.