Meet Madeleine Guinness

Our campaign star on life as Lulu’s daughter and growing up part of her legacy of design.

There’s nobody who knows our founder and creative director better than her daughter Maddy, so who better to star in this very special campaign shot at Blenheim Palace and featuring some of her favorite Lulu’s bags from the past 35 years?

Photographed in the grand palace, modelling a whole array of iconic bags from past to present, Maddy looks amazing wearing a range of flamboyant dresses (as she calls them) and bringing her mother’s creations to life. We caught up with Maddy at this very special shoot to talk all things Lulu and a life spent surrounded by bags, art and playful beauty.

What inspiration having you taken from growing up with Lulu?​
I think having such a strong minded, creative female role-model growing up was hugely inspirational. Watching her do what she loves and pouring her heart and soul into her creations was very proud making and something I aspire to replicate. She is a very strong woman and to have kept true to her vision for over 30 years is an amazing accomplishment.

What aspects of Lulu Guinness's legacy do you find most influential in shaping your personal style?​
I have always thought it is far better to be over dressed than under dressed, a motto I most definitely picked up from my mother. To me, Lulu Guinness is about glamour in a self-love sense. Dressing elegantly and playfully for oneself, not the eyes of others. If I want to throw on a flamboyant dress and heels on a rainy day because it makes me feel good then that’s what I should do!

What would a typical mother daughter day be?
I actually always enjoyed going to the office with her. She would sit me down with concept illustrations of bags that I would color in. I always loved drawing my own version of the house and shop front bags too. I would go through all the material boxes and create collages with the off- cuts. It was always inspiring to hear her in work mode, commandeering while still humorous and imaginative.

How would you describe Lulu?​
My mother was always one of the most glamorous women in my eyes almost to the point of being a character in a movie. She was never seen without red lipstick and was always followed by a waft of lily of the valley scent.

If you could only use 3 words, which would they be?​
If I had to boil it down to three words, I would use glamorous, humorous and unique.

What’s one piece of advice Lulu gave you that really sticks with you?​
One phrase of my mother's that I think has served me well is ‘never be the last to leave the party’. I think it speaks to her suaveness at her ability to enter a party, make her stamp, have fun and then disappear into the night without over-staying or over-tiring.

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