Inspiration Behind the Oyster Bag

Eager eyes may have spotted the special Lulu Oysters pieces made for display at Blenheim Palace...take a dive into the design process.

The Original Inspiration
Lulu stumbled upon a unique oyster half shell displaying a beautiful stripe pattern. The project began with the idea of honoring a striped oyster, but evolved to incorporate pearls and an automaton concept for the Blenheim exhibition.

3D Printing
Using a specialized resin compound gave the piece a porcelain-like appearance. The making process involved a combination of 3D printing, electroforming, and meticulous finishing touches.

The Finishes
Lulu's preferences oscillated between finishes, ultimately deciding on an antique bronze cast.

A baroque pearl was sourced from India on Lulu's recent travels, to add a final touch of elegance.

The Oyster pieces were then perfectly placed within the coral tree branches at the Icons of British Fashion exhibition currently being held at Blenheim Palace.