Lulu at Blenheim Palace

We’re proud to be taking part in the Icons of British Fashion exhibition this Spring


Blenheim Palace is gearing up for its most extraordinary exhibition to date, Icons of British Fashion from March 23rd to June 30th 2024. ⁠


We are thrilled be a part of such an historic exhibition, contributing alongside this incredible list of world-class designers:⁠

Bruce Oldfield⁠
Jean Muir⁠
Vivienne Westwood⁠
Stella McCartney⁠
Stephen Jones⁠ Millinery for Christian Dior
Temperley London⁠
Terry de Havilland⁠
Turnbull & Asser⁠
Zandra Rhodes⁠⁠

    Blenheim invites you to “immerse yourself in the world of these British fashion titans, all displayed amidst the Palace's own priceless collections”. Icons of British Fashion is a celebration of couture from the past to the present day, featuring an array of clothing, accessories, and patterns. ⁠

    Each room along the visitor route at the palace will pay homage to a British fashion icon. You'll start in the Great Hall and as you travel through the Palace you will be treated to a visually stunning fashion exhibition. Blenheim has curated a collection of clothing, accessories, archival materials, drawings, photography, and patterns, seamlessly integrated with the priceless Blenheim collections to provide a fresh and captivating experience.





    Blenheim Palace has a rich history in British fashion, of course, having hosted fashion shows, photoshoots, and catwalks attended by high society and royalty over the years. The Palace is the perfect backdrop to showcase the lasting impact of British fashion on the global stage.



    “We are so honoured to be part of this exhibition that celebrates British fashion”, says Lulu. “I’ve always been so proud of how incredibly creative UK fashion is and to showcase in an historic palace like Blenheim is the cherry on the cake!”


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