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How to find the perfect gift this Valentine’s season

Love is in the air, and at Lulu we like to celebrate the special occasions when they come along. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about the traditional romantic couple - although we know it does feel like that sometimes! It’s also a great time to think about others in your life that you value, from best friends to family members. And not forgetting some self-love, too - sometimes you should give yourself a treat. Read on for further gifting inspiration.

Gift Your Partner
This is your opportunity to go for something really wow – and maybe turn a few Valentine’s clichés on their head whilst you’re at it. Flowers and chocolates are the obvious gift, but what if you opted for our Chocolate Box Clutch. Our plush velvet Present Clutch or chain strap Heart bag are stand-out ways to show you care, all year round. Start dropping hints now!

Celebrate Galentine’s
Yes, we know it’s a made up marketing thing, but Galentine’s is such a lovely idea. These days especially, we love and value our friends often above all else, so it’s the perfect opportunity to show you care (especially if you have a friend who finds Valentine’s a difficult day for whatever reason). Our bestselling crossbody Cole, in Rosewood, makes the perfect gift to brighten up their everyday. Or treat them to a new purse ready for your next night out together, or our satin eye mask, if you know they love their beauty sleep. Make it personal - it’s the thought that counts.

Treat Yourself
Seriously, do. And we’re not talking about frivolous buying for the sake of it here. You can take a mindful moment to be kind to yourself. Perhaps you achieved a milestone – a promotion or you overcame a personal challenge? Mark the moment with a gift for you. Why don’t you treat yourself to that evening bag you always write off as too frivolous? Or maybe it’s about updating your everyday bag with something that will make you smile and remind you of your achievement?

Love Tokens
Finally, we come to our love tokens. A little thought goes a long way, which is where our small gifts come in. These are playful touches to elevate the everyday. Think lip-stamped luggage tags, or pop-art inspired bag charms and keyrings. A new umbrella, coin purse or pair of socks never go amiss, too! Sprinkle some Lulu love wherever you go.

If you are still struggling to find a gift,  there’s always the gift card option, too!


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