Decorate your Christmas tree, Lulu style

This year, we have some extra special decorations for your tree, and decorating tips from Lulu herself!

It's officially Christmas decorations time, which means it’s time to style the tree of your dreams. “It’s my favorite time of year”, says Lulu. “And there’s nothing I adore more than choosing and collecting a tree, getting it home and taking my time to decorate it.”

So what is Lulu’s decorating style – minimalist or maximalist? “I like to think of myself as a tasteful maximalist! I’m also very traditional too, so I like to mix it up – baubles we’ve had in the family for decades that all have lovely memories attached to them, and then something new and fun to add to the collection each year.”

And what order does she add the various layers? “Well of course you start with the lights, then the tinsel, or I love the shimmery tinsel strands, and then I take my time to hang all my baubles and trinkets.”

This year we have a fun new way to add playful charm to your tree with our Mini Collectibles – mini versions of some of Lulu’s most famous designs through the years. “They look so cute hung on the tree”, says Lulu. “Guaranteed to raise a smile and then you can attach them to your bag once the tree comes down. Such a great gift idea!”

Meet the Mini Collectibles

So why not give your tree the Lulu treatment this Christmas? From the iconic Rose Basket to the Blue Birdcage, start your collection now, or gift a playful charm to a Lulu-loving friend to build their collection, too


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