Pets of Lulu
Here at Lulu Guinness we’re all about joy. And there’s hardly anything more joyful than cute animal themed content. So on that note, we’d like to introduce some of our team Lulu pets. We hope it brightens up your day a little!

Meet Peg

Age: 6 years
Known for: Giving major side eye and terrorising the postie
Most likely to: Fall asleep while standing up
Lulu bag of choice: Bibi Goliath

Meet Ivy

Pets of Lulu

Age: 5 months
Most likely to: Be the center of attention. Ivy steals the show at any gathering.
Lulu bag of choice: Queenie in red

Meet Sprinkles

Pets of Lulu

Age: 7 years
Known for: 4am wake up calls and snoring very loudly
Most likely to: Give the best cwtch (cuddles) ever.
Lulu bag of choice: Bibi Goliath

Meet Rosie

Pets of Lulu

Age: 9 months
Known for: Sleeping on her mama’s head and demanding belly rubs
Lulu bag of choice: Ivy in black

Meet Duchamp

Pets of Lulu

Age: 4 years
Known for: always reminding us when it’s food o’clock
Most likely to: Learn new tricks when treats are involved
Lulu bag of choice: Bibi Bingo

Meet Ruby

Pets of Lulu

Age: 1 year
Known for: Eating other people’s picnics across North London
Most likely to: curl up on the sofa for snuggles (while stealing any food in the vicinity)

Meet Treacle and Smokey

Age: 3 months
Known for: Scaring the neighbors (we are very much misunderstood)
Most likely to: Crawl down the back of your shirt and out through your sleeve again


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