Meet the Ladies of Lulu
We are delighted to introduce to you, the Ladies of Lulu Capsule Collection! This limited edition collection sees the return of our Frida basket bag and this time she’s brought two fabulous friends along; meet Miranda and Blanche.
The inspiration behind these playful statement-makers was found delving into the Lulu Guinness archive. Fans of the brand will recognize Frida from our Spring Summer 2015 collection, whilst Miranda and Blanche hail further back in the archive.

Each basket weave piece is given their own sense of personality and style. From woven fruit hats as seen on Miranda to the floral headpiece modelled by Frida, the classic women that have inspired these designs are conveyed in these intricate details. Whichever lady you choose, she is sure to become your best friend and playful statement piece this summer.​ But enough from us, let’s hear from the ladies themselves.

Where would you like to be taken this summer?
Take me to Brazil this summer, the land that gives us coconuts and bananas. I’d also LOVE to go with a lady that knows how to samba and has a fruity little personality.

And what does your ideal evening in Brazil look like?
Do you know how to do the Copacabana? Don’t worry, I’ll teach you! ‘I yi yi yi yi yi like it very much’ and I’m sure you will too.

What kind of holiday are you looking for
this summer?
I want to go somewhere colorful. Somewhere full of museums, art galleries and inspiringly creative people.

What’s your holiday essential?​
My camera. I take it everywhere. OH and floral headpieces. I NEED my floral headpieces.

"Who are you going on holiday with this summer, Blanche?​
Well, my many, many boyfriends are busy so
I guess the girls will have to do…

Are you sad that your boyfriend(s) can’t join you?​
Sad? God no, I don’t cry over my men, I just go shopping.
The Ladies of Lulu have already been making some very important friends… #HowDoYouLulu

Are you sure? That sounds like a cover up…
Well, nobody ever believes me when I’m telling the truth. I guess it’s the curse of every devastatingly beautiful woman!


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