The Kindness Project
Last month we launched The Kindness Project - here are the people you nominated for their special acts of kindness - and the bags they chose!

Back in March, when the world as we know it changed, we were trying to think, what can we do, as a bags and accessories brand? We came up with The Kindness Project. We found ourselves inspired by all the acts of kindness that were being carried out in our own communities and we wanted to hear what was happening in your communities too. It’s a small thing, but we thought maybe we can spread a little joy by giving away some of our bags.

Cheering people up has always been at the heart of our DNA so let’s do this for those people who really deserve it.
We asked you to nominate those amazing-and-inspiring people who put others before themselves, carrying out acts of kindness to make the world a brighter place. The stories we heard were really heart-warming and definitely helped to lift our spirits! We hope they lift yours too - and please keep the nominations coming in!

Gem Stubbs got in touch with us to nominate her hard-working sister, Rebecca. Rebecca and her husband are both NHS doctors and are now juggling childcare on top of working long shifts. We happily sent a sailor Dylan to Rebecca and an almond Luella to her sister!

We had several nominations for Steph Broom – a florist based in London who was taking flowers from cancelled orders and delivering them to local NHS workers and vulnerable people. When we got in touch with her she asked if she could gift the bag we offered her to her mum instead - an NHS nurse in her 44th year of service. We decided to send them both a bag - a black Ruby for Steph and an almond one for her very deserving mum.

Lisa Little and her 11-year-old daughter were nominated for creating care packages for vulnerable people in their community. We were more than happy to send them a bag each of their choice - a black Queenie and a Lips Clutch. We were even happier to see the pictures of Lisa’s little girl all dressed up with her lips clutch a few days later!

Caroline Harper made a beautiful rainbow cake for her local NHS workers – and she chose a beautiful bright bag as our small gesture of thanks to her.

Andrea Bailey got in touch to tell us about all the hard work happening in the care home she works at to keep the residents’ spirits up. Sing-a-longs, poetry readings and video calls with family members to name a few. A black Fleur was her bag of choice and we happily obliged!

Lucy Chidi made a special delivery of essentials to an elderly man she found, upset, in the supermarket. Her daughter reached out to tell us about it and Lucy chose a dandelion Esme as her little thank you from us.

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