Non-Leather Handbag Care Guide

From satin to wool we want your favorite Lulu pieces to stand the test of time. You can cherish your favorite Lulu treasures for many years to come when they are cared for properly. Here's our guide on how to store, clean and care for your non-leather bags.

How To Look After Your Bag

Some fabrics can be delicate and require special care and attention to keep them looking their best.

- Ideally, try to keep away from water and out of heavy rainfall. If it does get wet, remove any residual water immediately with paper towels, pack loosely with paper and allow to dry naturally.

- We’d suggest items that include beads, ribbons, small plastic parts or other delicate trims should not be worn against delicate clothing. Also, they are not suitable for children.

- Any item made in acrylic should be handled with great care, acrylic can look indestructible but is akin to glass and may break if dropped or knocked against a hard surface.

- Glittery products may transfer onto clothes and skin, this is an inherent characteristic and should not be considered a fault.

- Due to the nature of the threads, Boucle may start to fray or become loose overtime.

- Dark Coloured fabric dyes (such as denim) can transfer onto lighter coloured materials. Colour transfer in this way is not covered under the Lulu Guinness care policy.

- If the item has a frame, it should be utilized gently to maintain its original shape and function.

- Satin is a delicate material and can pull/scratch easily if caught on sharp objects. So be careful!

How To Store Your Bag

You can never have too many! The question is where and how to store them all?

- When not in use, stuff and store your bag in a cool, dry place and in the protective dust bag and gift box, if provided. This will minimise scratches, snags and pulls that can occur when bags are stored next to other items, as well as ensuring your bag remains clean and dust-free.

- It also helps to wrap any zips or buckles so as not to leave imprints on fabrics.

- Try to avoid storing your product in direct heat or sunlight as it may cause the colour to fade unevenly and unnecessarily.

How To Clean Your Bag

Discover our top cleaning tips to keep your bag looking it's best.

- Blot away any spills or water as soon as possible with a soft dry cloth.

- Dry Naturally.

- Do not machine wash or dry clean.

How Can We Help

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