How To Look After Your Lips Clutch

Always iconic, a glamorous piece of design history, Lulu’s signature Lips Clutch. It's the ultimate statement piece! Here's how to look after yours.

Looking After Your Lips Clutch

Please take care of your acrylic item. Acrylic is deceptive, it looks indestructible but is in fact similar to glass or ceramic and may break if dropped or knocked against a hard surface.

Acrylic can scratch if knocked against sharp objects.

How To Store Your Lips Clutch

You can never have too many! It is important to store your items correctly to keep them looking their best. The question is where to store them all?

When not in use, store your bag in a cool, dry place and in the protective dust bag and gift box, if provided. This will minimize scratches that can occur when bags are stored next to other items, as well as ensuring your bag remains clean and dust-free.

It also helps to wrap any zips or buckles so as not to leave marks on the outer shell.

How To Clean Your Lips Clutch

Blot away any spills or water as soon as possible with a soft dry cloth.

Buff away finger prints and smears with a soft cloth.

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Story Of The Lip

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