The New Neutrals

Meet Autumn’s perfect new shades - Shagreen and Agate.


A new season means fresh new colors, and for Autumn 23 we introduce Shagreen and Agate, both subtle shades with hidden depths that make a convincing case for new neutral status.


Shagreen Lip Ripple Quilted Bella Crossbody Bag | Shagreen Quilted Lip Callie Crossbody Bag



Shagreen – a mellow green - is inspired by the rich texture used in furniture and decor that comes from natural hide - most often from dogfish, shark or stingray.

This muted grey-green has a luxe feel, especially when paired with the brand’s lip-quilted styles Callie and Ashley. The new color can also be found on crossbodies Rita and Bella.

We love how this green has subtle stand-out appeal, adding interest to dressed down daytime looks, such as denim, but it’s also muted enough to keep it classic and versatile. You can wear this shade with anything!

Meanwhile earthy Agate colour – a dusty pink with elements of tan and milk chocolate - references Scottish Agates that are renowned across the world for their particularly fine coloring and patterns. It’s organic feel makes it perfect going into Autumn but also has year-round appeal.

Find this modern-classic shade on Lip Ripple Bella, elegant Queenie, and favorite crossbodies Cole and Rita. All bestselling bags with day to night appeal. Agate is the pink for those who think they’re not pink people. Super cool, in other words.

“I am so excited by Autumn’s new color palette”, says founder and creative director Lulu Guinness. They manage to be classic and unusual at the same time which is the ideal mix!”


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