The Blackberry Punnet

Going Blackberry Picking

Discover our latest playful handbag - the Blackberry Punnet is perfect for summer!

“Is there anything more quintessentially British than heading out on a warm summer’s day and picking blackberries?” asks our founder, Lulu. “It’s one of my favorite things to do!”

It’s so true. Fruit picking has such a nostalgic feel to it and is definitely a fun part of gardening in the summertime. To celebrate this, we’ve launched a brand new statement bag - the Blackberry Punnet - and it is so delicious!

Lulu is so passionate about gardening and its benefits - for both physical and mental wellbeing - that it felt right to create a whole collection that celebrates her love for flowers and appreciation for the natural world. And so, the ‘Gardening is Good for the Soul to be Free’ collection was born. With the Blackberry Punnet,

you will discover this caption embroidered on the underside of its lid. A gentle reminder to take some time to connect with nature!

“A follow on from our lovely Strawberry Punnet, we created a bag that features luscious blackberries commonly found growing wild in the countryside”, says Elena Blank, Head of Design.

And how is this statement bag made? “The basket is woven in vegetable tanned leather, that will develop a richer, deeper color over time. We have added an interwoven strap detail to the handle with lovely, exposed knots to enhance the artisanal look of this punnet”, says Elena.

The tray and the blackberry leaves are made from felt with the leaf veins stitched in a twisted thick yarn. The blackberries are made from velvet, adorned with glossy beads. As is often the case with a playful Lulu bag, it’s all in the details. “On one of the leaves you will discover a ladybird! It is made from a tiny dot of red felt with the beetle’s charismatic markings embroidered in black – a symbol of good luck”, says Elena. “The bag is lined with green cotton twill and features the ‘Gardening is Good for The Soul to be Free’ caption inside, embroidered in a thick yarn inspired by Lulu’s original ‘Pear Espalier’ embroidery work.”

Feeling inspired to go blackberry picking yourself this summer? Or how about having a go at growing your own? They are easy to plant and tend to, providing an abundant harvest from July to September. Packed with vitamins, these delicious fruits are a great watch in the garden, with the change in color from green to pink to red to purple to finally, a deep black on the berries keeping anticipation levels high! Picked when ripe, the berry will pull off the plant with only a light tug. Happy blackberry season when it comes!