Brave New Year

This Lunar New Year, celebrate the year of the tiger with our signature red and gold capsule collection.

To celebrate Lunar New Year - the Chinese use the lunar calendar for festive occasions - we wanted to pay homage to the lucky color of red (also Lulu’s signature color) and the tiger – this year’s symbolic animal. In Chinese folklore, as a method for naming the years there is a cycle of twelve animal signs. Each animal has particular characteristics and people born in a certain year are believed to take on these characteristics. This year, it’s the tiger’s year. Grrrr!

We say 'Grrrr' because we like to inject humor where we can, plus you’ll find this message printed in gold foil on the base of our Red Cole bag, created especially for this occasion. You’ll also see our gold tiger, your lucky motif for the year ahead, on our keyrings, as well as the Cole crossbody. Carry them for luck!

Were you born in a tiger year? If so, you’re likely to be a born leader, courageous and energetic, and somebody who loves a challenge. Sound like you? If not, we say harness the tiger energy anyway and make this year your best yet. Happy Lunar New Year!


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