Lulu’s Bakery

This festive season, feast on some stylish treats that look good enough to eat.

When we think about all that’s great about Christmas, it’s the tree, the decorations, the parties and, of course, the food! It was the latter that inspired a mini capsule collection for the festive season, and in particular those delicious baked goods that look and smell so Christmassy, you can almost taste them.

“We wanted to create a collection that is deliciously and undoubtedly inspired by a Christmas tradition of decorating Gingerbread houses”, says our Design Team.

And so, the Gingerbread collection came to life centered around three playful pieces that all evoke that special festive feeling. What we love about these designs is the detailed applique embellishment, which was in part inspired by treasures discovered from Lulu’s rich archive.

The hero piece is the Gingerbread House. This playfully festive bag is crafted from super soft felt with white icing-inspired mixed media embroidery. “We used a Gingerbread colored felt fabric, and ricracs on the roof of the Gingerbread House to resemble ornamental icing”, shares our Design Team. “Then various artisanal embroidery techniques for our bag to look like a real Gingerbread house.”

As ever, it’s all about the small details that are sure to make you smile. “We used cotton wool coming out of the chimney to resemble smoke. And there is a lovely detail of a lip-shaped pretzel on the dormer of the house.”


Next in the collection is Gingerbread Bibi - our beloved tote has had her festive makeover! Gingerbread House Bibi Tote is crafted from super soft felt with white icing-inspired mixed media embroidery depicting the archetypal windows and door, with twinkly snowflakes and the Lulu Guinness logo made to look like frosting. It’s such a whimsical winter piece.


Finally, we introduce a new Aria leather purse. The perfect small gift for a friend or yourself, this festive lip-shaped wallet is designed to look like a pretzel. “The lip purse has the pretzel-inspired ricrac icing detail on the front”, says our Design Team. How could you fail to not be tempted?!