Inside the Factory

Step inside Lulu’s magical bag factory to discover this season’s creations, fresh off the production line

There are a number of key ingredients that make up a dream bag - from the material and its texture to its color, functionality and detailing. The final, magic ingredient? How it makes you feel when you carry it, the Lulu way.

“For AW22, we really wanted to celebrate the craftsmanship of the bags”, says Lulu. “It’s all how about how the bags feel when you hold them, the clever design and the playful detailing. And color. Our bags are well designed with our customer at the forefront of our thoughts and we’ve gone all out this season!”

So what’s trending this season at the Lulu magical bag factory?


New for the season are pink shades Aster and Peony. “We were really inspired by floral tones”, says Serpil, Junior Accessories Designer. Asters are in the daisy family and flower mostly in late summer and autumn, making this pale and interesting pink the perfect transitional color. Meanwhile bold Peony packs a real punch.

The Quilting

We like to get up close and personal with our bags and focus on how they feel, which is why we love our quilted lips so much. Found on shoulder bag Callie and crossbody Ashley, as well as new Tote Lyra and deluxe purse Tansy, quilting feels tantalizingly squishy and luxurious and makes the new-season colors really pop.

The Super Tote

Say hello to Lyra, the new large yet lightweight Tote that Lulu had been dreaming up. Lip quilted, with acrylic handles as well as a longer shoulder strap she’s fun AND functional. She’s soft and squishy, too, which means she’s versatile and comfortable to carry. Look out for the contrast stitching on the Black style – if you really want to get lippy.

The Art Clutch

Carry a work of art in the palm of your hand with our box clutch Livvy with gold-tone frame and original artwork by artist Kristiana S Williams. Inspired by an archive design, this style is the perfect combination art and glamour – both threaded through the Lulu DNA.


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