How To Design A Handbag

Ever dreamed of being a handbag designer? Download our guide packed with tips and tricks from Lulu and her design team and learn the secrets to creating the perfect bag. Then have a go at designing one yourself! We catch up with Lulu’s Head Of Design to discover her creative process.


To kick start we catch up with Lulu’s Head Of Design to discover her creative process. Discover where Elena, our Head Of Design, finds inspiration and how she begins work on designing a new bag.

1. What is creativity to you?
Freedom and aspiration.

2. What inspires you to be creative?
Looking at other creative’s work - be it craft, design or art - sparks my curiosity and imagination. Listening to people’s experiences and stories of what moved them, touched their hearts, formed a lasting, joyous memory.

3. What are 3 crucial steps you undertake during any creative process?

1)Talk to my colleagues and of course Lulu – I think that keeping an open and engaged conversation is fundamental for good design
2) Conduct visual research
3) Pick up a pen and doodle

4. Do you have a favorite creation and why?
This is really hard to pick just one! I will settle on the Rose Basket Bag (or ‘Florist’s Basket handbag as it was originally named). To me it captures the notion of beauty paired with functionality – being a handbag, naturally!

5. What advice can you give anyone who wants to be a designer or creative?
An excellent choice! I’d advise to try as many different disciplines and mediums of expression, as possible and read good literature! This will help you develop big ideas and acquire a repertoire of techniques to apply your creativity.