Doogle is a girl’s best friend!

Introducing Lulu’s latest Collectible creation

What if you could take your dog everywhere with you? Step forward ‘Doogle’, the latest playful style to join The Collectibles fashioned after a delightfully fluffy dog, and inspired by ‘Lapdog’, a design from the Lulu archive.

Lulu’s ‘Lapdog’ first appeared in 1997 - a typically witty creation with Lulu asking the question, how about a bag that sits in your lap like your obedient furry friend?

Much like Lulu’s thinking behind her now iconic Rose Basket Collectible, it’s such a shame to have to leave your dog (or bunch of roses) at home!

After updates to the original Lapdog design in 2004 and 2005, “Doogle” is a brand new Collectible style for 2023, inspired by ‘Dougal’, the dog character of the same name from the iconic ’70s TV show, The Magic Roundabout.

“Doogle is short for ‘doodle a dog’”, says our Head of Design. “It draws on the creative gesture of grabbing a pen and doodling a portrait of a dog.” Whilst the original Lapdog design was created by Lulu throwing a chenille yarn scarf onto a chair and the shape it created reminded her of a dog curled up in their basket!

Doogle is crafted from soft and fluffy Chenille yarn and features a cute swivelling head, discreet crossbody strap, and logo-embossed leather strap and bow. It is available in Black and Gold – inspired by the colors of popular dog breeds.

A number of enhancements have been made since the Lapdog iteration such as making the size compatible with large phones and adding the crossbody chain.
This playful clutch embodies the signature sense of humour we’ve come to expect from “the godmother of novelty bags”, as British Vogue called Lulu. It’s also a commentary on how attached we are these days to our furry friends - they go where we go. Joining the collection are two Doogle Collectible key charms.

Doogle is the latest piece to join the Collectible club of styles including The Rose Basket, The Circus Tent, Rapunzel’s Castle and The Birdcage among others. Lulu’s Collectible bags have been described as 'tomorrow's treasures', with many museums, including London’s Victoria & Albert Museum, housing them as part of their permanent collections. They have also been the subject of two exhibitions in Sotheby’s London and New York.


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