Party Starters

Whatever the soirée, we have the perfect Christmas arm candy

Party bags are well and truly back! Whether you’re headed to a work’s Christmas party, a girl’s festive night out or an elegant dinner, you’re going to need something special (and possibly frivolous) to adorn your wrist or shoulder. Holiday handbags are the most fashionable kind of plus one, after all.

From talking point Collectibles to high-shine embellished pieces, we have the heart-racing, party-ready bag for you.

Conversation-Starting Collectibles

Enchantment, invention, wit - for sure fire conversational starters delve into Lulu's unique imagination and discover the whimsical creations that made her name. The Collectibles make the perfect party bag, from the singing Birdcage to unforgettable Rose Basket, one of Lulu’s very first designs.

Big Personality Clutches

This is your special clutch moment. Make a signature statement with the Lips Clutch in festive Lulu Red, or carry away our intricate pearl-adorned embroidered Fan Clutch

All That Glitters

If you can’t sparkle at Christmas then when can you? From metallic leathers with an irresistible sheen to crystals, glitter and sequins, it’s the season to shine. Go all out with the Swarovski® crystal adorned Lip Clutch - a glittery take on the design classic. Or how about our glittery Swarovski® Crystal Blush Shell - literally every girl’s favorite.

The Classic Clutch

For dinners, drinks and then onto the disco (if you’re in the mood) then the classic clutch is the one for you. Think party-ready metallic finishes, chunky gold chain straps and luxury lip-quilted leather. We love Yuki and Rudy for their elegant streamlined shape - both with dancefloor-ready chain straps.



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