The Art Of Travel, With Lulu

Your most stylish adventure awaits…with a little help from our founder and creative director Lulu Guinness.

Dreaming of travel? Us too. There’s nothing more exciting than the feeling you get when you’ve booked that trip – whether you’re jumping on a train for a weekend with friends or family, or jetting off somewhere fabulous and far-flung. We want to bottle that joy and apply it to our luggage. Which is why we're excited to announce we've upgraded our travel collection - from clever suitcase updates to standout cabin essentials. And to celebrate, we asked Lulu to share her personal mantras for a life well travelled.

1. Packing is fun (yes, really)
Hear us out on this one. If packing isn’t an activity you consider to be exactly enjoyable at the moment then let us help you move it from chore to pleasure. If you’re so inclined, pour yourself a travel aperitif and start planning outfits. “Hang your clothes up on hangers before you pack” advises Lulu. “This way the day before you travel you can simply fold your items once on the hangers and place into your case. Plus when you arrive they are all ready to hang.”

Packing Tip: Hang your clothes on hangers before you pack.
Lulu Guinness, Founder
2. Organise, organise, organise!
“It’s all about organizing your packing”, says Lulu. “I love the handy compartments in all of our luggage.” Packing - and therefore unpacking and getting dressed at your destination - becomes a much more civilized affair if you implement some order into your suitcase. Which is where our new packing cube set comes in. Featuring three sizes ranging small to large, and with a playful LG print, you can separate and categories your wardrobe essentials for 24-7 easy access. “The spinner cases open nice and flat, too, so makes packing easier. Also great if you need to access something quickly.”

Packing Tip: I love the handy compartments in all of our luggage.
Lulu Guinness, Founder

3. Better to stand out than blend in
“In a sea of black nylon at the baggage carousel, I wanted our luggage to stand out”, says Lulu. This is why our signature Spinner cases come shiny and lip-stamped in vibrant Lulu Red (we also do Black, of course). Or, if you prefer the softer option, our fabric-covered cabin cases and holdalls come adorned with playful prints – to make everyone smile in the queue. “Find luggage you love”, says Lulu. “It makes travelling so much better”.

4. Glide stylishly through check-in
That harassed check-in feeling? We can help with that. Say hello to our new cabin essentials. In signature lip-stamped Red and Black, or disco-tastic glitter Champagne and Silver, our brand new compact crossbodies are the genius travel bags that put the fun into check-in. Look out for the playful LG printed lining and dividing pockets to keep your essential documents safe. For those travelling long-haul, our travel sets include cozy socks, a scarf/blanket and handy pouch to house your must-carry products.

Packing Tip: Find luggage you love.
Lulu Guinness, Founder

5.Be detail-oriented
Something to make you smile? A standout detail? That’s what we love at Lulu. Give your luggage a makeover with our playful accessories, from painterly cabin case covers to lip-applique luggage tags and passport covers. Or perhaps you want to get creative with our sticker sets?

6. Be prepared for delays!
Final Lulu mantra: “If your flight is delayed and there are no free seats, you can always use your case to sit on!”


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